• L-8510
    Isolated RS-422 & RS-485 Repeater
    - Isolated RS-422 & RS-485 Repeater
    - Automatic Internal RS-422/RS-485 Bus Supervision
    - No External Flow Control Signals Required For RS-485
    - Minimum 3000 VDC Isolation Protection
    - Transient Suppression On RS-485 Data Lines
    - Supported Baud Rate Up To 115.2 Kbps
    - Reach Distance Up To 4000 Feet (1200 m)
    - Reserved Space For Termination Resistors
    - Power And Data Flow LED Indicator For Troubleshooting
    - Power Requirement : +10 to +30 VDC
  • L-5028
    8-ch MOSEFT Output and 24-ch Isolated Digital Input Module
    - Support USB2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, RS485/232C
    - Protocol USB2.0 TCP/IP, Modbus RTU/TCP ASCII Command
    - Support Isolated Input Channels
    - Fully Photo-Isolation 3750Vrms
    - Wide Supply Voltages (10~30V)
  • L-8044D
    Isolated 8 DO and 4 DI Module with LED Display
    - Support 8 Isolated digital output channels
    - Open Collector Output(NPN)
    - Support 4 isolated digital input channels
    - Input channel support max. 50Hz counter
    - Support MODBUS RTU And ASCII Format Protocol.
    - Programmable Host Watchdog Timer For Host Failure Protection.
  • L-9015
    Ethernet-based 7-ch RTD Input Module
    - Ethernet 10/100 Based-T communication
    - Support protocol Modbus/TCP,TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,ARP
    - Burn-out auto detection
    - Support PT100,PT1000,NI604,NI1000 RTD types
    - Support isolated input channels
    - Built-in TVS/ESD protection
    - Wide supply voltages (10~30V)
    - Fully photo-isolation 3750Vrms

  • PI-6683VN
    Embeded AMD LX800-500Mhz SBC with CRT/LCD VGA, LAN, CF, GPIO Interface
    -Half-sized ISA bus CPU card
    -Embedded AMD LX800-500MHz low power CPU (fanless)
    -On-Board 128Mbyte up to 256MB DDR SDRAM
    -On board VGA/TFT LCD Flat Panel VGA Controller
    -Support 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet
    -One RS-232/RS485/RS422 (COM1) and Three RS-232 serial port (COM3,4 option)
    -Auto direction flow control on RS-485
    -Overvoltage protection for RS-422/485 up to 25kV
    -Four port ver:2.0 USB host controller
    -User define Full Screen LOGO Show
    -Type-II CompactFlashTM slot
    -On 32-pins DOC Flash disk socket
    -On-board 512KB SRAM SSD (option)
    -PC/104 ISA Expansion interface
    -Eight channel GPIO (8-in/8-out)
    -Single Power Supply (+5V@1.7A±5%)
  • PC-680VN
    Embedded AMD Geode LX800-500MHz PC/104 CPU Module
    - AMD Low Power LX800-500 MHz Processor
    - On-Board 128Mbyte up to 256MB DDR RAM
    - 18/24 Bit TFT LCD Interface
    - 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet Interface
    - Support Three RS-232, One RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
    - PC/104 And PC/104 Expansion Connector
    - On-Board 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Controller
    - 8 Bit General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
    - Support USB 2.0 x 2 Ports
    - Use Define Full Screen Logo Show
  • PI-426A
    16 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and 8 Relay Outputs With Interrupt
    - Each Port Of 8-ch Can Be Software Programmed To Be Input Or Output
    - Individual Software Programmable Interrupt Mask
    - Switch able Interrupt Level (IRQ2...IRQ7)
    - Switch able 1/0 Base Port
    - Supports Edge-Trigger, Change-State Interrupts Functions With Provided Software Routines
    - Presentable De-bounce Time In Interrupt Mode
    - 10K Pull-Up Resistor For Each Channel
    - Software Routines Provided Easily Link To High Level Programs
  • PI-706S
    6 Slots Compact-Sized Industrial PC/AT Chassis
    - Compact-Sized Steel PC/AT Chassis
    - Provides One 3.5" HDD Housing Position
    - 6 Slots, PC/XT/AT Compatible Passive Backplane
    - Support Most Half-Sized PC/AT Cards
    - Diskless Operation With PI-CPU Card Series And PI-ROM/RAM Card Series
    - Watchdog Timer And Status LEDs On Front Panel
  • PI-806A
    6 Slots ISA-Bus Backplane
    - ISA Slot: 6PC/AT Compatible Slot
    - 4 Layer PCB With Ground And Power Planes For Reducing Noise
    - LED Power indicator For +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V
    - Supports PS/2 (P8/P9) And 5 Pin Screw Terminal Power Supply Connectors
    - Dimension: 175.0mm (L) x 132.8mm (H)
  • L-9050(A)
    Ethernet-Based 12 digital input channels(Dry contact)
    and 6 digital output channels module
    - Ethernet 10/100 Based-T Communication
    - Support Protocol Modbus/TCP,TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,ARP
    - Support Dry Contact Inputs
    - Support Counter/Frequency Inputs
    - Support Isolated Input/Output Channels
    - Provide Pulsed/Delay Output Mode
    - Built-in TVS/ESD Protection
    - Built-In Watchdog Timer
    - Fully Photo-Isolation 2500Vrms