X86 PC-Based comm. controller with 4-COM,2-DI

- AMD Embedded x86 CPU, Am188ER-40M
- On Board 512K Bytes(504 KB Free Memory For Users)
- On Board 448KB Flash Disk And Can Directly Read/Write This Flash Disk At E-8188A’s DOS Prompt Such As (COPY , DEL , ….etc)
- Built-In Boot FreeDOS, (Compatible With MS-DOS)
- Emulate The Module To PC’s Floppy Disk “A or B”
- Emulate PC To Be The Module’s Console
- Program Download/Upload Format to PC
- Builit-Iin RTC , NVRAM And EEPROM
- BIOS & DOS Support Data & Time
- 4 Builit-In COM Ports : COM1 , COM2 , COM3 And COM4
- Isolation Voltage On The RS-485 Port Of 3000VDC (COM2)
- 2-CH Digital Input And 2-CH Open Collector Digital Output
- Programmable Host Watchdog Timer For Host Failure Protection
- Built-In Power Protection Circuit
- Built-In 6 Digital LED Display(for 8188AD)

文件名 大小 版本 描述
E8188AC_MANU_V107.pdf 1.22 M V107 User manual for EDAM-8188AD
EDAM8188ADqkManu_V10.pdf 244.05 K V10 Quick user manual for EDAM-8188AD
EDAM-8000_Utility.rar 12.07 M V6.77 Utility for EDAM-8000 Series (For Win 7/ XP 32 bit)
EDAM-8188AD_DM.pdf 203.95 K V1.0 Datasheet for EDAM-8188AD